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“RAED” is an international non-governmental organization based in the Arab Republic of Egypt. It carries out its activities under the permit issued to it by the Ministry of Social Solidarity under No. 68 of 2007. It works in the fields of environment and sustainable development in the Arab world as well as on the Mediterranean, African and international levels. It is an Arab organization with a legal personality and has full capacity  to carry out its business and achieve its objectives.


November 15, 1990

The establishment of “RAED” was Exactly in November 1990 during the Arab Consultation Conference for Non-Governmental Organizations, which was held in the meantime in Cairo, as part of the preparations for the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992 under the title “Environment and Sustainable Development.”RAED” breakthrough was resounding, whether during these preparations, or at the Earth Summit itself.

Many of the Arab NGOs in most of the Arab countries, that work in Environment and sustainable development filds became members in RAED. those countries are  (Jordan – United Arab Emirates – Tunisia – Algeria – Saudi Arabia – Sudan – Syria – Iraq – Palestine – Qatar – Kuwait – Lebanon – Libya – Egypt – Morocco – Mauritania-Yemen)

August 6, 2007

RAED is an Arab organization that enjoys legal personality and has the full capacity to conduct its business and achieve its objectives. The Ministry of Social Solidarity in the Arab Republic of Egypt approved the authorization of the Arab Network for Environment and Development “RAED” to work as a foreign non-governmental organization with Permit No. 68 on 6/8/2007, and it was renewed for another five years, starting from 6/8/2011.


Since 1990 till now, RAED continued her environmental and developmental giving journey, during which it carried out many environmental and development activities at the national, regional and global levels. History remembers and carefully monitors that RAED never missed a global summit, an important event or a conference that determines the fate of the entire planet in various environmental issues and works in the fields of environment and sustainable development in the Arab world, as well as on the Mediterranean, African and international scale.


A strong, pioneering Arab Civil Society Organizations, which set a model and strengthen relations, networking mechanisms, and partnerships to protect the environment and achieve sustainable develoment in the Arab Region


Develop the capacities of Arab civil society organizations in the areas of sustainable development to enhance their role at the local and national levels, and strengthen cooperation among them, in addition to establishing partnerships with relevant actors to implement projects that preserve natural resources and achieve sustainable development at the national, regional and international levels.

  1. Preparing and drafting proposals for the implementation of some environmental projects by members of the network and working to find funding for them.
  2. Developing training and qualification programs to raise the efficiency of workers in the fields of network activities.
  3. Providing the latest information and statistics related to the activities of the network to be a reference for all its members.
  4. Assisting members in providing their needs for technical and administrative staff through exchange among them.
  5. Supporting dialogue between Arab governmental organizations and their international counterparts, as well as agencies and ministries concerned with the environment in the Arab world and the League of Arab States.
  6. Exchanging environmental information among the members of the network, allowing members to benefit from various experiences at the Arab level to solve environmental problems.
  7. Work to find channels of communication between non-governmental organizations at the international level on the one hand, and Arab non-governmental organizations participating in the network on the other hand, to ensure the Arab presence at the international level.
  8. Participate in Arab and international seminars and conferences if their topics are related to the activities of the network.
  9. Working to bring financial and material resources to implement some projects in the Arab world, whether unified projects at the level of the Arab world as a whole or projects specific to each Arab country separately.
  10. Work to support the network through the Arab League and United Nations organizations as well as other international bodies.
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