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Social and Economic Development Project of local Communities through NGOs (GRASP) – Egypt

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GRASP Egypt aims to increase the synergy between social safety nets and civil society actions implemented within the action in Upper Egypt, hand in hand with an increase of local development actions/policies accountable, adopted or changed by local authorities resulting from the civil society advocacy.

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Contribute to improve the socioeconomic conditions among the poorest and less privileged communities in Egypt enabling the local civil society to become the owners of their own development interventions.

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As the primary stage of the program, Preparing an initial evaluation of the institutional grass-root capacities of the NGOs to select the target associations. Training programs for the associations are implemented  in the areas of management of development projects, how to attract beneficiaries, and mechanisms for the use of  technical tools, as a first stage.

As for the secondary stage, the project will provide the necessary funding for the initiatives and projects that are selected,  in addition to providing technical assistance in the design and implementation of small projects that will be implemented by the associations while working to follow up the implementation of these projects and verify their results.

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Since the project is still on-going in the primary stage, the expected results are:

  • Grassroots organizations increase at least 60% in their capacities in project cycle management, project design, beneficiaries targeting, finance, logistics and human resources.
  • Grassroots organizations manage and implement in an efficient and measurable way multi-sectorial 80 micro-projects aimed at socioeconomic improvements of their most deprived community populations.
  • Grassroots organizations, local authorities and private sectors establish an accountable model (Governance body) for inter-institutional networking/coordination towards their local socioeconomic development.