(UNOCHA) United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

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In early 2010, RAED succeeded in establishing a new partnership with the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA). Cooperation between the two sides started with a regional workshop held in Cairo in February 2010 for civil society organizations to respond to influenza epidemiology and in the presence of representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO), UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Crisis and Disaster Management at the Egyptian Ministers’ Council , and about 70 participant representing local environmental associations affiliated with RAED in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.

The workshop discussed various aspects of epidemiology and public health principles, the relationship of epidemiology to migration among the countries of the Arab region, and how to build organizations at the local level to cope with disasters. then the Red Crescent association efforts  in facing disasters were mentioned. As well as it reviewed the experiences of various Arab countries in the face of the epidemic of avian influenza and pigs.

Also there was a discussion to lay down general guidelines under which the role of civil society organizations will be defined to address the various types of disasters, especially for the poor and marginalized classes.

Based on the recommendations of the Cairo Workshop, three national workshops were held in Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco in which they discussed how to prepare for and respond to disasters and crises at all levels of government and civil society.

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