The Second Regional Conference for Promotion & Protection of Human Rights

The Arab League of States in collaboration with the office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, organized the 2nd Regional Conference for Promotion & Protection of Human Rights to implement the sustainable development 2030 goals from the human rights perspective in the Arab region, It was held on the 10th &11th of July, 2017, Hotel Intercontinental Semiramis, Cairo, Egypt.

The conference was attended by representatives from Arab governments, representatives from Arab countries at the Arab League States, representatives of several regional, international organizations and the United Nations organizations such as UNESCWA, WHO, UNICEF and others, as well as the Arab Commission for Human Rights, several civil society organizations, The Arab Network for Environment and Development is a pioneer, as well as a large number of national human rights institutions and human rights and sustainable development experts.

The Conference attempted to promote awareness about human rights sectors towards the sustainable development goals between national and regional authorities, increase in the partnerships between the Arab countries, governmental and non-governmental organization, civil society organizations, enterprises and business sectors.