Study on improving socioeconomic benefits for environment protection

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RAED participated in the implementation of this study with a coalition consisting of ARCADIS company in Belgium, as well as Environmental Resource Management (ERM), and  Institute for European  Environmental Policy (IEEP), Metroeconomica Environmental Institute.

The project targeted 300 beneficiaries in the Arab countries implementing the activity which are, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Tunisia.

The study aimed at improving awareness about the social and economic benefits of environmental improvements, leading to the increased importance of the environment, and thus put on the governments’  political agenda in all European neighboring countries through:

Improve understanding and awareness of economic and social benefits to improve the environment.

Improving the capacity of recipient countries to evaluate economic and social benefits to improve the environment.

Improving capacity to integrate environmental considerations into public development policy and sectoral policies.

Improving capacity to mobilize financial resources needed to improve the environment.

And these goals helped to achieve the purpose of the project, which is to support European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) partner countries in developing strategies and prioritizing the convergence of their environmental policies and legislation with those of the European Union, and within the framework of the ENP Action Plans and the European Union.

The final result was a combination of social and economic benefits, from environmental improvements in the European Neighborhood Policy Initiative participating countries ENPI.

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