Regional Initiative for the Additional Indicators’ Follow-up on Millennium Development Goals (MDG+)

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The Arab Network for Environment and Development (RAED) has been membership to be a part of this committee with the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA).

 RAED applied and implemented the ESCWA questionnaire on local Arab communities in Egypt and the Republic of Tunisia as a preliminary stage in three villages in Egypt and five villages in Tunisia.

RAED continues to implement Phase II of the project in Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. The questionnaire is being implemented by RAED’s civil society organizations in these countries.

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Completion of the official data collected by the national monitoring teams in some Arab countries to calculate the indicators on achieving the Millennium Development Goals + MDGs by collecting data at the local level on indicators of water supply and sanitation from selected areas in selected Arab countries.

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To prepare a unified model for the indicators and criteria for the implementation of the Millennium Goals in terms of water supply and sanitation. This is done by means of a series of alphabets in which data are collected at the local level in selected areas of the Arab countries to be implemented. In particular the fact that these societies are fully aware of the real dimensions of water and environmental sanitation issues as a priority reflected by the lack of water supply, Does not reflect the actual reality of service quality and sustainability.

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 Preliminary stage: Egypt and the Republic of Tunisia

 Phase I: Republic of Sudan – State of Palestine – Islamic Republic of Mauritania – Republic of Yemen

Second phase: The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan – Syrian Arab Republic – Republic of Iraq – Republic of Lebanon

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United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia UN-ESCWA.

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Arab Association for Water Utilities (ACWA)

• Center for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe CEDAR

• World Health Organization (WHO)

• Arab Water Council AWC

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The Project started 2014 and ended by 2016

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A report was prepared on the final results reached and presented to the partners and the Arab Ministerial Council for Water in the League of Arab States and the integration of the results in the second report that was issued.