Capacity building of Arab Civil Society on Climate Change

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The project aimed to spread awareness, culture and mechanisms to start facing the climate change problem, Several members from RAED’s civil society organization from 10 Arab countries participated in the project such as Saudi Arabia,Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, Syria, Palestine and Sudan.

Under the sponsorship of his royal highness prince Turky Bin Nasser Bin Abdel Aziz. 


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The main goal of this project is to reduce the effects of climate change in the Arab world and how to adapt on these changes. This will be done by supporting the partnership between governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations in the Arab world, and reliable capacity building for civil societies int he Arab countries.


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Capacity Building for civil society to raise awareness on the climate change phenomena, and possible solutions for present and the future in all Arab world and this will succeed by applying a national strategy for civil society for each country for facing the climate change problem.

Workshops took place in:

  • The First workshop was in Jordan, March 2009
  • The second workshop was in Lebanon, Arpil 2009
  • The Third Workshop was in Morocco, May 2009
  • The fourth and last was held in Cairo, October 2009

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The Presidency of Meteorology and Environmental Protection in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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The Project was launched year 2009 and ended 2011

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Each participating country had its committee to apply the strategy of civil society to face climate change and to apply duties and activities for every county according to the need of each one.