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Civil society and the Arab Initiative for Sustainable Development follow-up 2006

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 Sustainable Development Initiative in the Arab Region

The League of Arab States (LAS) presented the Sustainable Development Initiative in the Arab Region , which was approved by the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002.The initiative aims to address the main challenges faced by the Arab countries,which is basically represented in the acute shortage of water resources and the deterioration of their quality, limited usable land, irrational consumption of natural resources, increased urban area and the consequent problems; in addition to  the degradation of marine, coastal and wet areas.

The Initiative affirms the commitment of the Arab States to the implementation of Agenda 21 and the development goals of the Millennium Declaration, Sustainable development outcomes and decisions, Taking into consideration the principle of common but differentiated responsibility. It also seeks to activate and strengthen the participation of Arab countries in order to highlight its efforts towards achieving sustainable development, and to find a mechanism to finance environmental protection and sustainable development programs.

In this context, the Arab Network for Environment and Development (Raed) has implemented a strategy in the Sustainable Development Initiative field  in the Arab Region, which has achieved the following objectives:

Disseminate the basic elements of the Arab Initiative for Sustainable Development between NGOs and civil society organizations in the Arab region.

Making the core components of the Arab Initiative for Sustainable Development an integral part of the NGOs and civil society organizationsactivities  at the local grassroots level.

There are a number of NGOs affiliated with RAED, some of them are concerned with health aspects, especially reproductive health, women’s and children’s health, some are concerned with the combating desertification issues and desert development, and some are concerned with the integrated management of water resources, others have activities focused on the coastal environment and ways and means of protecting it, some others are concerned with biodiversity issues, and some others concerned with the safe use of chemicals, hence, it is generally possible to say that the Arab Initiative for Sustainable Development has achieved its aspects directly or indirectly in the various activities of associations belonging to RAED.

RAED has followed the partnership in implementing environmental action activities at the local and national levels.

RAED highlighted the role of civil society in implementing the elements of the Arab initiative for sustainable development concerning problems of the environmental awareness  issues, or taking decisions for environmental sanitation and working to achieve SDGs at  local and national levels.

RAED believes in successful experiences exchange between environmental NGOs  at the national level  regarding to resources’ conservation and sustainable use.

Explore global experiences in the environmental conservation, and working on transferring valid ideas that are compatible with the conditions and possibilities of the Arab region. NGOs’ capacity building in general and members in particular.

Raising public awareness and contribution in shaping the Arab environmental public opinion.

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