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Activities Organized by RAED and The Arab League of States (LAS)


RAED carried out several regional meetings in cooperation with the Technical Secretariat of the Council of Arab Ministers responsible for the environment, which includes:

Developing the Arab Action Plan for Youth 1997 – 2006.

Implementation of the Regional Workshop on Human Development, The Road to Sustainable Development 1998.

Contribution to the development of Arab strategies for media, awareness, environmental education and participation (2000).

Implementation of the training program to build the capacity of the second generation of members of associations in Arab countries in cooperation with Heinrich Paul Foundation 2001.

Participating annually in the “Clean the World” campaign (September of each year) until 2009.

Arab Pioneer Conferences Network conference on the urban environment in 1993.

Network conference on Rio +5 in Lebanon, 1996.

International Conference and Exhibition on  Solid Waste Management in the Arab and Mediterranean Region, 1999, Egypt.