In partnership with the League of Arab States, RAED organized a regional workshop on environmental security in the Arab and Mediterranean space, held in November2008 in Tunis. And explained the concept of environmental security. It also discussed the  civil society organizations’ role and the services they can provide to the community to raise awareness about the environmental security issues, and spreading the environmental education culture. The coordinators of (Raed) in Lebanon and Palestine presented working papers for the most important consequences of the Israeli aggression on them including cluster bombs, soil transfer, destructing for  the buildings and facilities, and Full cut of fruit trees with a comprehensive destruction of the environment in both countries that will not only affect the current population, but it will also affect the coming generations.

Participants in the seminar called for:

Building Arab and international partnerships between governmental and non-governmental sectors to eliminate the war effects on the environment. Especially mines and cluster bombs in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Somalia and Egypt.

Reconsider international law by applying UN decisions to achieve environmental security in tension areas especially in the Arab region as a prerequisite for achieving environmental security and comprehensive Arab security.

intensifying the role of civil society organizations to promote environmental security and to concentrate their efforts in environmental awareness field, and environmental and natural resources degradation field.