Tel: (002)02-25161245/02-25161519

General Coordinator: Dr. Emad El Din Adly

Deputy General Coordinator: Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud 

National Coordinators of the Arab Network for Environment and Development from the Arab world:

Mr. Ziyad Alawneh                                                     National Coordinator Of Jordan

Dr. Najwa Bourawi                                                 National Coordinator Of Tunisia

Mr. Riad Nacer Bendaoud                                         National Coordinator Of Algeria

Mr. Hesham El Reida                                                National Coordinator Of Sudan

Dr. Suheir Raies                                                       National Coordinator Of Syria

Eng. Saadia F. Hassoon                                            National Coordinator Of Iraq

Mr. Imad Atrash                                                      National Coordinator Of Palestine

Eng. Malek El Ghandour                                           National Coordinator Of Lebanon

Dr. Mohamed Ftouhi                                                National Coordinator Of Morocco

Dr. Emad El Din Adly                                                National Coordinator Of Egypt

Mr. Ahmed Vall Boumouzouna                                            National Coordinator Of Mauritania

Mr. Nasser El Saady                                                 National Coordinator Of Yemen

Coordinators of the Arab Network for Environment and Development from the Arab world:

Eng. Islam Meghaireh                                              Coordinator of Jordan

Dr. Youssef El Nouri                                              Coordinator Tunisia

Ms. Fatma Zerouati                                                 Coordinator of Algeria

Dr. Merghany Tag El Sayed                                     Coordinator of Sudan

Ms. Hiam Kreidieh                                                  Coordinator of Lebanon

Eng. Salim Khalife                                                  Coordinator of Lebanon

Dr. Kenza El Ghali                                                  Coordinator of Morocco

Mr. Youssef Baazeb                                                 Coordinator of Yemen

Executive Office:

Dr. Emad El Din Adly                            General Coordinator

Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud                        Deputy General Coordinator

Mr. Ziyad Alawneh                                   Deputy General Assistant for ElMashreq Countires

Eng. Saadia F. Hassoon                                  National Coordinator of Iraq

Dr. Najwa Bourawi                                 National Coordinator of Tunisia

Dr. Mohamed Ftouhi                          National coordinator of morocco

Eng. Malek Ghandour                         National coordinator of Lebanon

Ms. Fatma Zerouati                           Coordinator of Algeria

Mr Yaser Baazaab                                  Coordinator of Yemen

The General Secretariat of the Network shall consist of the General Coordinator and his Deputy, assisted by a staff member in accordance with the organizational structure of the Network.

Several non-governmental organizations concerned with the environmental issue and sustainable development worldwide has joined RAED’s network. (Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Algeria, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania and Yemen)

The procedure for the non-governmental organizations to join RAED’s network is to send a leaflet with a brief introduction about the organization and the documents that matching RAED’s criteria (leaflet, registration approval and the organizations curriculum vitae).

The application will be handled to the coordinator of RAED for consideration. Upon approval, the organization will contact the applicant to inform them with the necessary documents and conditions for the membership.

RAED’s membership types

Active members:

1- Arab non-governmental organizations working in the field of environment protection and preservation in the Arab countries.

2-Individuals whom the network deems their membership beneficial.

Associate member:

1- Non-governmental organizations concerned with the objectives and activities of Arab countries networking.

2- Arab international organizations and Arab unions.

3- Environmentalists in Arab countries. 

Co-opted members:

1-  An international NGO concerned about RAED’s mission.

2- An unemployed individual interested in the protection of the environment.

Honorary member: 

By a decision adopted by the general assembly to authorities or individuals that provide significant service to the network by a directive from the executive council.