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Exchanging latest information about the environment among RAED members to allow the members to benefit from various experiences in the Arab region


Preparing proposals concerning the implementation of various environmental projects through RAED members



Working on the establishing communication channels between international NGOs and  Arab NGOs participating in the network  to strengthen the presence of the Arab countires in the international arena.



Developing training and orientation programmes to increase the capabilities of RAED’s coordinators.


Participating in the Arab and International Summits, forums and conferences which their themes are relevant to RAED activities


Providing the latest information and statistics related to RAED activities to serve as reference to all its members



Fundraising to carry out some projects, either embracing the Arab world as whole, or projects specific to each Arab State respectively


Satisfying the need of the members in term of technical and administrative cadres, by exchanging information.


Supporting RAED through the League of Arab States, the UN organization and other international bodies


Supporting the dialogue between the Arab governmental organizations, the international governmental organization, environmental ministries in the Arab world and the league of the Arab states